Geico Customer Service - Don't Let Them Scam You

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How Long Is The Geico Wait Time?

Those seeking insurance quotes through Geico insurance will be pleasantly surprised to discover how efficient the Geico customer service team is. The average wait time to speak to a Geico customer service representative is three minutes. While there will be times where customers will experience higher call volumes, this is the estimated average wait time.

How Efficient Is The Customer Service Team?

Geico customer service representatives can provide insurance quotes within fifteen minutes. Customers can reach the customer service line twenty four hours a day and seven days a week but Geico also features an online chat feature. This feature is ideal for those who are unable to carry on a vocal conversation and these chat conversations will also provide customers with the same efficient care.

How Many Policy Holders Does Geico Have and Where Is Geico Located?

Geico Insurance Company is headquartered in Chevy Chase Maryland and is the second largest auto insurance provider next to State Farm. They are a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and their customer service representatives and sales team have helped insure more than twenty four million vehicles since 2017. In addition to vehicles, Geico representatives have helped insure over fifteen million insurance policy holders. Geico operates out of all fifty states in the United States as well as the District of Columbia. Local Agents are referred to as field agents and these field agents can assist customers in person, via the internet or over the phone. There are over one hundred and fifty field agents nationwide who are employed with Geico. Customer Service Representatives employed with Geico average $16 an hour for their starting pay and receive an option for a full benefits package. Geico currently employees over thirty eight thousand employees and has been operating in the insurance industry since its founding in 1936 in Fort Worth Texas.

What Else Does Geico Insure?

In addition to Homeowners and Automobile Insurance, Geico also can help customers receive timely quotes for motorcycles, commercial auto insurance, all-terrain vehicles, boats and renters insurance. Geico customer service agents will be able to provide fifteen minute quotes that will save businesses 15% or more by quoting them for their commercial automobiles. Geico customer service representatives have been quoting motorcycle insurance since 1978. They provide multiple discounts for riders who complete a motorcycle safety course and protect their bikes with anti-theft devices.

Can Customer Service Representatives Help Business Owners?

Commercial automobiles include farm equipment, contractors who drive work vans and trucks, landscapers and their work trucks and equipment, church vehicles, florists, daycare automobiles, mobile detailing, plow trucks, mobile dog grooming, manufacturers and wholesalers and various other industries that require the daily use of work vehicles. With such efficient customer service response time there is no reason individuals and businesses alike should not be taking advantage of the quick and free quote that Geico offers. Geico commercial insurance agents are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm at 1-866-509-9444.